ateyapi programs  suspended

Our Ateyapi mentoring programs in Rapid City’s elementary, middle and high schools have been funded by federal grants since 1994. Sadly, that funding cycle has ended and we must temporarily suspend those critical and highly successful programs. We are actively pursuing “gap” alternative funding, so we hope the programs will not be suspended for long. Regardless, we will apply for federal funding in the next grant cycle and hope to have all programs fully operational within the next two years.

The high school Ateyapi program, which showed a distinct increase in the number of Indigenous students who graduated from high school, is currently suspended.


Our Lakota language immersion program will end September 30, 2021.


Our elementary and middle school programs, “Youth Engaged in Sports” (YES), scheduled to end on September 30, has received a three month extension. We hope this will continue past the current three month deadline.

It is possible that some of these programs will receive an extension in funding. If so, they will continue without interruption. It is also possible that we will be successful in our pursuit of  alternative funding.  RAI is committed to continue to serve our children and our community by fully restoring these programs as early as possible.